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23 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Thank you for the delicious and very fresh (I arrived an hour early to collect them and they were just finished being iced – they didn’t melt in the heat!) cupcakes..
    I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for fresh, light and delicious treats!

  2. Candida is wonderful. I once worked at a cat clinic where I met Candida and she kindly did me a box of cupcakes for us. Candida went beyond the call of duty as one of the girls was vegan and she went out of her was to obtain a book telling her what and what should not go in them.
    They were wonderful and I will always be very grateful to her and use her again.

  3. I am a little late in posting this review, but I just wanted to say that Candida went above and beyond for me. Through no fault of her own, I messed up the order for my friends baby shower giant cupcake and assumed all would be well. I contacted her the day before pick up and she had not received the order – my fault!! Eek!! I actually cried.. But Super-Candida, with all her super-powers sorted out an alternative for me, even though she was incredible busy with other orders. She even met me a half way point on the day of the baby shower because I would have been late for the surprise party!! Without question, I will use Candida again, but I promise not to mess up the order next time!! Thanks again, Christina.
    P.S. The Cupcakes were delicious, fresh and super tasty!!

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