“Special Cupcakes” – Book review by Oxford Cupcakes!

I received the book Special Cupcakes, by Wendy Sweetser last week, and wanted to share with you all what a great cupcake book it is!

I have made a couple of the recipes now, and have also used some of the designs and it is a really simple, easy-to-use book which provides great results. I used the recipe for the GIANT Sweetie Cupcake and was really pleased with how the cake come out (Pictures can be seen above)

It has given me some good ideas for designs and decorations, and also provided some good, slightly different recipes for me to try out. It also has a good ‘basics’ section for equipment, ingredients and tips for beginners. A great book if you would like to try some different style cupcakes. My next recipe to try is the Beetroot & Bitter chocolate cupcakes!

Oxford Cupcakes