GIANT Cupcake – Auction for Comic Relief!

Oxford Giant Cupcake

Oxford Cupcakes has made an extra special GIANT CUPCAKE this weekend in order to help raise money for Comic Relief. This cupcake is a delicious white chocolate sponge, with vanilla butter cream icing, decorated with sugar hearts.

If you would like to get your hands on this beautiful cupcake, please click on the ‘Bid Now‘ button on the right hand side of this page. If you have any issues, please email¬† no later than 2pm on Monday and the highest bid will win! Bids start at ¬£10.

The cupcake will be delivered Monday evening (14 March) free within 10 miles of Botley in Oxford, or you can collect it from Botley.

Every penny will be donated to Comic Relief, so dig deep!

More info

  • If you wish to remain anonymous on the website, please enter a different name (but still make sure your email address is correct!!)
  • Enter only the amount you will actually pay.
  • The bidding system will bid on your behalf until someone ‘outbids’ you at which stage you will receive an email telling you so.
  • When the auction ends, the winning bidder will receive an email requesting the highest bid amount which can be paid via Paypal (no username required).
  • We may like to take a publicity picture of the winning bidder and the cake (but only if you are willing!)
  • If you make a mistake or have any questions about this auction, please email

Have fun!

Oxford Cupcakes